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Let’s get to know your brand! 

Dreaming of freshening up your marketing and standing out from the competition? 

There’s no better time for a bold new look! 

ARTZi combines innovation, integrity and impactful design to give

your marketing a complete branding makeover.


We Hear You

You are the key to a successful marketing mission. 

We take your thoughts and ideas, then give them a creative boost.

You receive positive results and a unique branding style.


Brand Strategy

Whether you’re just looking for a new logo design

or your entire marketing plan needs a revamp, 

we have creative solutions to fit your needs.

Our Services Include:


About ARTZi: 

ARTZi is a creative studio based in North Canton, Ohio with a strong passion for developing authentic marketing strategies. We’re out to help businesses get the most out of their branding through innovation, integrity and impactful design.


Gabe is ARTZi’s founder and lead creative. He studied Advertising Design at the Columbus College of Art & Design. A talented and innovative Graphic Artist, Gabe gained valuable Creative Director experience for in-house Marketing Departments. 


ARTZi strives to create bold design and original marketing solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes, from startups to established brands.

Let’s get to know your brand! 

If you’re ready to power up your brand, we would love to help.


ARTZi’s authentic advertising and promotions are 100% original and truly unique to your brand. We create a clear message to your target audience and great design to bring it to life. 

Get Your Project Started

Looking forward to working on your next project.

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